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APC like New Internationalist 

About APC

The Australian Peace Committee (SA) Inc. is an organisation aimed at promoting disarmament, human rights, justice, development and peace. We believe the enormous resources today wasted on weapons of war should be diverted to end hunger and disease, to remove the threat to our survival posed by the damage we have done to the environment, and to make the world a better place. We work for the establishment of an Australian foreign policy based on friendship and mutually beneficial trade, together with the removal of all foreign bases from Australia.

Membership of APC is open to both individuals and organisations. Affiliated organisations include community and ethnic groups, student organisations, trade unions, church groups, and groups of people coming together to work on peace issues.

As an individual organisation, we produce leaflets and other publications, provide speakers for schools and other forums, as we believe necessary or are requested. We work to improve and enhance quality of life; relieve suffering, poverty and distress through working to educate people on issues relating to peace and the non-violent resolution of disputes. We prepare and distribute literature, provide a teaching kit for schools and maintain a web site with ready access to information about peace issues and campaigns. 

Some of our significant actions are taken in conjunction with other peace groups, locally, nationally and internationally. These include such events as the Hiroshima/Nagasaki commemorations each year. We organise peace-related conferences and actions, often in conjunction with other interested groups.

We initiated the campaign in Australia for the Conversion of military industry to more environmentally friendly and sustainable production. Our campaign is aimed at taking Australia out of the arms export industry without workers losing their jobs. The aim is to utilise the specialist skills and equipment in other, more positive production.

For our work during 1986, the International Year of Peace, the Australian Peace Committee received the award of "Peace Messenger" from the United Nations.

We produce a quarterly Newsletter which contains information of local, national and international news and events. Information from the Newsletter is often used by students for school and university projects. Articles may be reprinted with acknowledgement. This Newsletter is included in the membership fee. Schools and libraries can subscribe to the Newsletter for $10 per year.

The teaching resource kit, called "On a Paper Crane" - the story of Sadako in Hiroshima - is suitable for upper primary and lower secondary age students and is available from APC(SA) for $20 incl. postage

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